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Good Girl are redefining what it means to be a "good girl"— as well as R&B as we know it. The Philadelphia-based quartet of Bobbie, Megan, Arielle, and JL have spent years honing their talents and building a considerable fanbase through their viral covers online, and through their new label home of RCA, Good Girl are coming in strong with a new EP later this year and their debut album in 2020. The world won't know what hit it, and that's certainly a good thing.


  All four members of Good Girl hail from the East Coast and met in various permutations through dance, eventually convening in Philadelphia. "We all stayed in contact and remained friends," Bobbie reminisces on Good Girl's origin story. "Philly just means so much to us," Ari continues regarding the group's home base. "It's a melting pot of creativity and art. We pull from everything and incorporate it into what we do. There's so many legends that came out of Philly, so it set the bar super high for us.

"With the quartet hunkered down in Philly, career inspiration struck when they performed a gig in the city, where they covered songs from musical inspirations like TLC and En Vogue. "The audience was reacting to us like, 'Y'all gotta do this professionally,' and we were like, 'This is kind of dope, we should do this!'" Bobbie recalls. They immediately got to work on building their group dynamic, regularly posting viral videos on Instagram of the four of them singing and dancing to classic R&B songs in their car, with JL and Bobbie handling the choreography. "Sometimes we've done songs that people have suggested, or mash-ups of songs—but most of the time it's been a combination of what our core fans want to hear and what we like," Megan explains.

The buzz on Good Girl built to a point where they eventually signed with RCA, heading out to Los Angeles to work on new music:  "This last year has been amazing," Ari gushes. "We love working with RCA, and everyone is really excited about us, so that kind of energy sets the tone." The new material that Good Girl have been cooking up in the studio showcases their growth as artists and as human beings, as Ari describes the new sound as "Edgier—more grit and attitude, more rapping."

And one of the new songs showing that darker edge is "Misery," which draws from the dissolution of a relationship that Ari experienced when the group started recording. "I'd just gotten out of a relationship—it was a really bad breakup," she recalls. "When we went out to L.A. to record, I was sad and heartbroken, and everyone was like, 'Let's pull from this! Tell us how you're feeling.' It talks about someone who's made their bed and lying in it. I'm turning up and I'm onto a new vibe now."

"There have been artists who have influenced us, but this time around, we've found our sound," JL continues, citing R&B touchstones like Destiny's Child and TLC as some of the group's foundational influences. "We want to make sure people know who Good Girl are from the jump." And according to JL, that includes solidifying what being a "good girl" means to them: "A good girl is just a bad girl that's never been caught," she explains. "Every girl out there has their version of a good girl, and the four of us represent different types of 'good girls.' We want everybody to embrace their differences—just because you don't fit the definition of a 'good girl' doesn't mean you're not bomb or fantastic." And that means embracing the individual spirit in a way that lasts forever: "We're really big on confidence and being true to yourself—girl power, black girl magic," Bobbie enthuses. "We want everyone to be able to relate to our music, and for it to be timeless as well."